LignoBasque works on the design and development of comprehensive portable solutions that can be adapted to each client. Our technology is based on the measurement of molecular vibrations as a result of energy-matter interaction and allows complex analyzes to be carried out quickly and easily.

Through our application, you can receive results in real-time on your mobile device (phone or tablet). Access to the application works through the Internet and offers material data storage, maintenance service and annual automatic updates.

Our comprehensive solution

Escaneo de materiales

Material scanning

The material is scanned by pressing the button. The device iluminates the material with a light source that is reflected/absorbed by the sample.

Almacenamiento de datos

Data storage

The collected information is transferred to the cloud and processed tranforming the spectra into easily interpretable data.

Resumen en la APP

Results in the App

In seconds, the result appears in the APP, gelping you make decisions faster and at a lower cost.

Do you need advice?

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